Progressbar says 5/52



Personal update:

  • I know this weekly update is extremely late, but I’ve been so consumed by gearing my priest that I couldn’t be bothered to write the post. Plus I’ve been battling my own body the entire week, clearly head and body are no longer friends… I’m feeling a bit better today, so one can only hop it will pass quickly.
  • I’m really far behind on all my school assignments right now, I have a deadline tomorrow and there’s not a single chance in the world (stars aligned) that I would ever make it in time, unless I could freeze time and break in to school to get my drawings.
  • Yesterday I was at work for the first time in about 2 months! Wow, have I missed it. It was so much fun being back at work, I was a little worried I had lost my “spark” and that everything would be confusing, but nop. It’s like riding a bike! :) I’m awesome at my job, because I love it! :)
  • Regarding my driver’s license I’ve started studying for the theoretical test, and I’ve been practicing some with my grandmother. My next driving lesson is on Friday! I’m really looking forward to it! I never thought I’d say this.. But I actually like driving a car.
  • Mushi has been the sweetest little angel this week, she’s been spending most of her time sleeping or demanding cuddles. She’s also nagging us about feeding her candy, cat-candy ofc. Hihih.

WoW update:

  • Victoríya – the holy paladin, lvl 90 –
  • Victorié – the shadow priest, lvl 90 – The kickass priest has finally reached max lvl! Ahh, what a ride it has been lvling her. Ever since I dinged I’ve been farming BGs to buy gear. I’m not planning on gearing for PvE just yet, I want to focus on PvP first. I currently have 5 honor pieces (6th one coming right up!) and 1 conquest piece.
    • Honor pieces: Head, Chest, Gloves, Belt and Legs (all glyphed and gemmed, no upgrade)
    • Conquest pieces: Shoulders (glyphef and gemmed, no upgrade)



Fillers are boring.

I really can’t believe it’s Friday already! The past few days have been really slow, but yet they’ve just gone by. I had my second driving lesson today, I did remarkably good – if I may say so. :p So next week I’ll have another driving lesson and then I proceed to the next step   – driving in traffic. I’m scared, but somehow I’m kinda good at driving (lol wtf), so I hope that it’ll be alright after a little while. I’ll do the weekly update on Monday, so I can go more into detail then. Right now I’m just letting ya’ll know that I’m still very much alive and hoping to find something to blog about during the weekend.

I’ve recently changed my binds on all my chars, so I need to practice my main and my alt. I think it’s gonna be a weekend filled with gaming! Weeho!

I’m not really in a writing-mood right now, as I’m almost falling asleep sitting up. Heh..


Know the difference: Slut with a controller vs Gamer girl


Hahah, I guess I shouldn’t admit that I can relate to this! Except for the fact that I’m a PC-gamer, not a fake-gamer playing Xbox or PS3 or whatever people use now days. Hihi.

It’s kind of sad, just a few years ago people expected a gamer girl to be obese and ugly, and now the tables have turned completely. So now all the 12yearolds expect you to always look fresh and fucking fantastic – I guess female WoW-players that stream with webcam while wearing a shit-ton of makeup and fake eyelashes and whatnot does everything in it’s power to light the fire under the constant pressure to look stunningly beautiful no matter what you do.

I don’t like labels.



So I got my new laptop yesterday, but it’s not all rainbows and happytimes. You see.. WoW has decided to act up like a 14 year old girl, and even though I have it on my computer it insist that I download it… lolwtf? On top of that I need to learn how to play with the Blizzard original interface – which leads to changing keybinds. Ahhh, WoW is going to feel like hell for the next couple of weeks. When I first tried to launch WoW I had to sit in load screen for about 45-50 minutes to get in to the game – weeho! For some reason I’m starting to hate this computer already. I’m furious right now. Why can’t shit just work like it’s supposed to?!

Well.. I guess I’ll have to play on the mac for a few more days then. Until I can get everything sorted, but who the fuck wants to spend an hour prepping instead of playing? When I log on to WoW I want to play, not fix keybindings, glyphs and everything else that I have neglected while lvling the priest. Bahh… On the bright side; I can play solitaire!


Progressbar says 4/52


Personal update:

  • School. Not much has changed since last week. I’m sick and tired of school, but I am determined to finish with decent grades. I’m currently working on a living room/kitchen area for a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 children. It’s fun assignment, but since our assignments usually go over a 3-4 week period it gets really boring towards the end.
  • Work! I still haven’t started working yet, but I’m expecting to work two days this week! And from then on it’s two days every week until summer! I need to save up money for a nice vacation, so maybe I’ll do some more working if I find that I have the energy and time.
  • Driver’s license is on it’s way! Oh well.. That meaning that the first lesson went awesome! I did really good. I have my next lesson on Friday and hope to get some driving done at home too, so I don’t have to pay 50k NOK to get my license.
  • The cat, Mushi.. Oh, she’s a handful. She’s gotten some really ugly habits lately, like running in and out the house every 2 minutes. And all of a sudden she’s started to speak to us, so she’s more or less screaming at us if we don’t open the door instantly. Hah, can’t say she’s lacking personality – that’s for sure!
  • The Alienware laptop was supposed to arrive tomorrow, but guess what rang the door bell earlier today? Oh yes, the mailman. And he came bearing gifts! Hah! Finally! The wait is over! But now the boring (read: fun) part begins, downloading everything that I need. :D

WoW update:

  • Victoríya – the holy paladin, lvl 90: Poor girl is still placed on hold. I’m doing what I have to do on my pally, such as arena/RBGs for cap. My boyfriend and I recently joined a new guild, hopefully we’re gonna fit right in – and well.. I wouldn’t complain if we both got a spot in their RBG-team.
  • Victorié – the shadow priest, lvl 86: Victorié is closing in on lvl 87! I’m doing my best to balance school, real life while pushing lvl 90 on my priest. I’m mostly questing, but also queueing dungeons – it’s a real self esteem booster as I’m usually out-DPSing everyone! Hah, some dude pointed that out in a dungeon I did about an hour ago, I had to rub it in their faces – that they’re getting owned by a little girl. Hihi!

How was your week?


Sketch up, lvl up!



I’ve been really busy with school and playing WoW the last couple of days, so I haven’t given my blog that much attention. The picture above shows the sketch of what I’m currently working on at school. It’s the floor plan of a living room/kitchen, this is made for a married couple with 3 children. I am fully aware that the sketch looks horrible, but this is not the finished product! I’ll be back with an update on the project when I’m closing in on the due-date.

So yeah.. I’ve been busy lvling my priest – she’s now lvl 85! I wish I could just do dungeons all the way to lvl 90, but that’s not at all time efficient – so I won’t be doing that. I need to get my priest up, right now! I’m so keen on learning how to master shadow priest that I can’t even focus on my paladin for a second. Have-to-get-back-to-lvling-the-priest!


Progressbar says 3/52

Photo on 2013-01-09 at 19.27

Personal update:

  • School is going good, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m bored sick with it. I love what I’m studying (interior design), but I’m fed up with how the school-system makes everything boring. Let the countdown begin! Just another 6 months left, then I’m fully educated as an interior consultant, or whatever they call it.
  • Work. I haven’t been working in a really long time. Actually I haven’t been working since mid-December, which kind of sucks money-wise. I can’t wait to get back to work, and I’m assuming that I will the coming weeks.
  • Drivers license! I’m having my first driver’s lesson on Wednesday. I’m terrified and no one is capable of understanding that. I see how I can benefit from being able to drive a car, but at the same time I might as well take the bus. But now I got it handed to me, for free, so I’m not gonna say no. It’s really expensive to get a driver’s license in Norway, in case you didn’t know that already.

WoW update:

  • Victoríya – the holy paladin lvl 90: This week I got the conquest point-weapon, which I’m hoping will motivate me to play more on her. Since I have been neglecting her a lot ever since she dinged 90. I would love to find a steady RBG-group to run with every week, but that seems far fetched.
  • Victorié – the shadow/disc priest lvl 80: She recently hit lvl 80, there’s not much to tell. I’ll probably be focusing on this one rather than my main for a little while longer. What lays ahead is reaching lvl 90 and farm for honor-gear. While I’m farming for gear I will hopefully learn how to play shadow in sense of being a somewhat OK spriest in PvP.
  • Aneriya – the balance/resto druid lvl 85: This is my alliance character that’s living on Ravencrest. I have farmed some gear on her back in Cata, but she was put on a shelf pretty fast. I’ve been thinking about lvling her, but in that case I’d switch from balance to feral – or just play resto? She seems comfortable on her little shelf, so I’ll leave her there for a while longer.

What character is your main right now? Are you having a hard time deciding what to play in MoP?